Augmented Publishing Group

Augmented Publishing Group (APG), division of Authority Book Consulting LP, is a Los Angeles-based boutique book publishing and media agency. We specialize in the creation of books that help community businesses and associated nonprofits grow and get more exposure.


Our mission is to promote businesses that are making a difference in their industry and community by leveraging book publishing and the media.

We are committed to creating book series that highlight the expertise of professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses who are willing to donate 100% of the book’s retail royalties to a nonprofit, thus enabling all who participate to fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

We create books on-demand when we identify a social issue, topic, or area that needs content and education distributed to a specific demographic.

Our books are made possible by the support of a committed group of professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. Once a book is published, the positioning component of our company helps these professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies get featured in national media outlets. This coverage allows them to leverage their newfound notoriety across social media platforms, thus establishing greater credibility, and making them stand out from their competition – and ultimately they become the obvious choice to do business with.

To continually reach our mission, we offer a unique approach to compiling and publishing books — an approach that includes:

  • Innovative formats and designs.
  • Deriving content from contributors speaking (versus writing) their content for the book.
  • Creating collaborative books by assembling an expert team of professionals who write one chapter each.
  • A streamlined approach that typically allows our books to be compiled and published within 90 days.
  • Publishing in Amazon “Short Reads” — i.e. books that are 200 pages or less.
  • Ability to add additional content of both audio and video to each chapter by featuring a dynamic QR code to each chapter

We are a non-traditional publisher in that we operate more as not-for-profit rather than being guided by the bottom line, and lean on our partnerships and sponsorships to generate revenue after the book is published.

In everything we do, we act for the benefit of society at large, thus fulfilling our own corporate social responsibility. APG is currently using donor support for a social initiative to publish an important book series called #REALTalkRacism.