Collaborative Divorce Community Book Project


Collaborative law divorces are gaining momentum and becoming more main-stream as more and more divorcing couples are choosing this over self-representation or litigation. At Augmented Publishing Group, we know now is the perfect time to advocate and educate potential clients on the process of a collaborative law divorce.

We’d like to introduce you to our Collaborative Book Project that will immedi-ately enhance your credibility and position each of you as an authority in the collaborative law space.

We create collaborative book projects that leverage your expertise and expe-rience, and our books are always tied to supporting a local charity.

All of the “Leading The Way” book projects use this unique and very effective positioning strategy of donating 100 percent of the retail royalties on all of our collaborative book projects. We always donate the book project retail royalties to a determined non-profit to help them gain exposure, and raise awareness. When you give, you gain, and this marketing angle helps us to not only garner more media attention to the contributing authors, but it also sets everyone in-volved in the book up as community supporters. This approach also eliminates having to divide royalties among the contributing authors.

Each of your collaborative divorce professionals will be featured in both a rec-orded radio interview and in a chapter of a book to be sold on Amazon. Each professional will have a chance to share their insights on a different process or legal topic, thereby maximizing their credibility and exposure to their expertise.

Example topics/chapters can include:

  • Why consider a collaborative approach instead of a traditional divorce?
  • What are the benefits of a collaborative approach as opposed to going to court?
  • How to get your spouse to agree, and how to hire an attorney.
  • The team of professionals involved in the collaborative process.
  • A step-by-step guide to how the collaborative process works.
  • What each professional does, and how it will help.

Below are several business and professional benefits your firm and your at-torneys will gain from this opportunity.


The following will comprise the value derived from this project:

  • A radio show interview handed over to you to promote as you please.
  • A streaming audio player for your website visitors to listen to your radio show.
  • Radio interviews can also be recorded as videos which you can embed on your website, upload to your YouTube channel and promote as you please.
  • Up to 20 value-filled chapters in an Amazon best-selling book.
  • A 3D book cover image to feature the book on your website or other marketing initiatives.
  • An Amazon best-seller badge for your website or other market-ing initiatives.
  • After the book is published and reaches best-seller status, you will be featured in major media outlets via a media release.
  • A media banner will be provided for your website or other marketing initi-atives.
  • Social media and email messaging copy: We’ll give you our proven li-brary of social media and email swipe files (messages) to maximize your authority-building power for each step of the process.
  • Physical books will also be created, and are great for handing out to pro-spects and clients at conferences or speaking engagements.


Professional Benefits

  • It opens doors to possible future media, podcast and/or speaking en-gagements.
  • You gain instant credibility when someone lands on your firm’s website.
  • It adds credibility to your attorney profile page.
  • It creates a “tipping point” that makes prospects choose you over another professional or attorney.
  • You attract quality clientele who understand what you do.
  • You attract pre-qualified prospects for your services.
  • You can enjoy larger retainers as a result of authority positioning.
  • Gain enhanced visibility, both online and offline. Also, gain free exposure through the marketing efforts of all the contributors in the book as well as the non-profit.

Non-profit partnership increases credibility and trust with prospects:

  • 44 percent of respondents said they would be willing to pay a pre-mium for a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t.(Edleman Good Purpose Study)
  • In 2012, approximately 53 percent of internet users said that when quality and price were the same, brands that had a social purpose were more likely to trigger a purchase.(
  • 93 percent of consumers want to know what companies are doing to make the world a better place, and 91 percent also want to be heard by companies.(2011 Cone/Echo Global CR Study)

You already have your team of professionals, set yourself apart by providing a resource that allows prospective clients to get to know, like and trust you.


Step 1: Authority Interview

A minimum of 10- to 20-minute interview bookings on our syndicated radio show to specifically position each of you as authorities in the collaborative law marketplace.

Step 2: Published Author Status

All Authority Interviews will be transcribed, edited, formatted and published in an upcoming release of the book on Amazon in digital format and with a phys-ical copy as well. Each divorce professional will get full credit as a contributing author.
Being a published author enhances visibility, attracts pre-qualified prospects and opens doors of profit and opportunity (media and speaking engagements, becoming a industry media contributor or a podcast speaker on other promi-nent shows, etc.)

Step 3: Best-Seller Status

We guarantee that your book will hit best-seller status on in at least one relevant category. My colleagues and I have helped over 200 professionals reach best-seller status on Amazon, and are confident we can help you reach it as well. From that moment on, your group of divorce profession-als will be credited as having a best-selling book. We will deliver an Amazon best-seller badge for your website and for any other marketing collateral.

This along with a 3D book cover image to display on your website, in your so-cial media networks, and in your email newsletters.

See example below: A final book cover design will be created, and you will have three different book cover image designs to choose from. Keep in mind, the book title and subtitle can be changed, this is only an example.

Step 4: Authority Media Release

We’ll release a media announcement about your organization publishing a book and hitting the Amazon Best Seller list to hundreds of websites including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliate stations.

This helps position your business as a leading collaborative law firm in the divorce industry on the websites of the most influential media companies in the world.

We will also provide you with a media badge for your website, such as the fol-lowing:

Time Commitment

Each divorce professional’s time commitment for this project will be approxi-mately 60 minutes total, we take care of the rest:

    • Intake Form: 20 minutes. Fill out your bio, send us a business photo, in-clude your business links (social media, website, blog, etc.), give a call-to-action for the reader.
    • Radio Interview: 40 minutes total:
    • 20 minutes sending over targeted questions for us to ask you in the interview. We will provide each attorney with a detailed question guideline prior to the interview.
    • 20 minute recorded podcast interview over Skype. This interview will then be transcribed, edited and formatted to be included as a book chapter.

Limited Time Opportunity — Contact Us to Learn More

We look forwarding to positioning you and your group of collaborative divorce professionals as recognized authorities in the collaborative divorce space, giv-ing you that tipping point that earns more qualified clients willing to pay a pre-mium to work with your firm. Learn more about all of our services by clicking on our logo below.

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