Why Your Clients Would Rather Believe Media Outlets Than What You Tell Them


It’s crazy, but it’s true. We’ve been programmed to believe that whatever the media tells us is the absolute truth. Unfortunately, there are news stories that are often riddled with inaccuracies, mistakes and outright untruths that can hurt a person or their business.

The good news: Being featured in the media the right way gives you a chance to demonstrate your authority on a topic, and it can also allow you to reinforce the invaluable message that you are the trusted advisor, service professional or entrepreneur with your current and potential clients. It doesn’t necessarily work against you to not be featured in the media but being featured, quoted and shown as a subject-matter expert can surely make a significant difference, and it infers that the media is endorsing you. People believe trusted media outlets, and like the idea of working with a celebrity-like professional.

So, how do you get into the media; how do you become newsworthy? Well, media genius Seth Godin puts it this way, you must become “remarkable … worthy of someone talking about you, a Purple Cow in your industry,” according to his definition.

Barbara Corcoran, billionaire real estate mogul and business expert, who jump-started her career and went from virtually unknown to known in one of the largest cities in the country, leveraged the media and accomplished the feat of becoming newsworthy … remarkable. The front page of the real estate section of the New York Times read, “New York City Prices Hit All-Time Low, According to Barbara Corcoran.” She called this “good PR.”

Positioning herself like this changed her business and catapulted her career into becoming a recognized expert in her industry. The positioning and leveraging of the media can work in any industry, not just in real estate. Barbara Corcoran, who has become one of the most recognized professionals to have leveraged the media to grow her business, addressed this phenomenon. She said,

When I worked for a large newspaper outlet, one particular journalist stood out and did an amazing job of highlighting the value, the good and the expertise in the people and business owners he featured. His name is Dennis McCarthy.

Business owners are not always pleased with how they are represented in the media, as many journalists report news with a negative spin in order to draw attention. I regret to admit that for this reason, I have never been one to watch, read or listen to the news. But while I worked for the newspaper, I made it a point to facilitate, collaborate, initiate and contribute community goodwill activities and share stories with the journalists who helped the organizations, individuals and the newspaper be represented in a positive light.

From experiencing how Dennis McCarthy featured business owners, I was inspired to offer journalism to entrepreneurs and business professionals the same way. I saw firsthand the value it brought to be featured in well-established and trusted media outlets, and how it positively affected their businesses. Being able to highlight and share someone’s expertise is invaluable, and can create the tipping point that helps business owners to convert customers for years to come.

Whenever businesses were featured in the paper, it made a huge difference to their bottom line. In order to further honor and position that business as an industry leader, we would create a velox (a lifelong version of the article) so they could display it in their place of business, or make copies and send it to their clients, which created yet another level of credibility and expert status for the business. I kept thinking that if I could get press coverage for quality professionals, then I could help them gain more business and stand out from their competition. But how could I make that happen, and make sure the reporter gets the information right the first time?

I Discovered the Secret to Immediate Credibility — Positioning


“Positioning, most importantly positioning yourself as an authority, is the single most important thing you can do increase your perceived value to the market place.” – HUFFINGTON POST, MARCH 2014


It took some time and relationship building, but I finally found the key to getting across-the-board media coverage, over which I had 100 percent control. Since that breakthrough, I have been able to place clients’ stories in the media within as little as 72 hours, and in hundreds of media outlets around the country!

Did I mention that nothing goes to a media outlet before my client approves it? Not a single item!

I don’t submit anything until I am given the green light to do so. That eliminates any misdirected points of view and inaccuracies. My clients are accurately quoted by major media as the authority on their topic or field, in the way that it represents their business, their services and how they can help a particular market.

Being featured in major media outlets around the country can make all the difference in the world in how a business or individual is perceived, and can help grow their business very quickly.Case in point — Shark Tank. Every entrepreneur that has been featured on Shark Tank has had a surge in business. And, let’s face it, perception is people’s reality, and is everything. When people see you portrayed as the expert and featured as such in major media, doors will open and begin exposing opportunities that you have never before imagined.

Your Door to Opportunity Is Opening

Don’t miss out on this chance to tell your story and position yourself as the expert in a particular niche. I am taking on a select group of clients who want to demonstrate their expertise and gain immediate recognition for it in national media and on an ongoing basis. If you have valuable content to share that will educate and advocate on behalf of your ideal prospects, and if you would like to be positioned as a subject-matter expert in your industry, contact me.

Start the Process of Standing Out From Your Competition!

After a brief discovery session, we will determine if you are a good fit for authority positioning.

If you are, I’ll get you interviewed by a professional journalist, get a spotlight article professionally written and published about you and what you do, and get you quoted and published on highly recognized media outlets around the country. I will help you grow your business and stop you from being the “best-kept secret.”

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