Lisa Williams specialty is authority positioning. She’s authored four books, three bestsellers and one international bestseller. Williams grew up in a small town just outside of Los Angeles and is the youngest of four girls. She had an active and successful childhood. Lisa has been playing basketball since the age of 5 and participated on a boys’ team. She was the 9th grade student president and has been in leadership roles since a young age. Lisa was the team captain on almost every sports team she’s been a member of. She has an AA degree in Economics from LA Valley College and received a basketball scholarship to U.C. Berkeley. Williams has been in some form of marketing for over 20 years.

She has worked in yellow pages, commercial post-production, commercial production and newspaper. Williams was the Community Relations Manager of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group which included 9 newspapers, including the Los Angeles Daily News, where she managed a million-dollar in-kind marketing budget. Williams’ role was to position her newspapers as industry leaders and community advocates by developing strategic partnerships with top brands such as: The Los Angeles Lakers, LA Sparks, LA Clippers, Disney On Ice, Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA’s. In 2005, Williams decided to become an entrepreneur and pursue real estate, turning her long time hobby into a career. Williams has always been passionate about helping people improve their quality of life. She enjoys helping youth and young adults, African American boys, women and anyone ready to reach higher heights. She has always been compelled to seek, learn and expose herself to big ideas and connect with people, making a difference in the world.

Lisa’s motto is: “I can position you faster than you can position yourself!”

While she is mother of two and she, she still considers herself an entrepreneur in real estate because she helps business owners get their message on the most valuable real estate tool in the world – The Internet!