Media Begets More Media


Positioning, publishing, partnerships & philanthropy are all powered by Media.

When you have already been featured in the media, your chances of being considered for further exposure are greatly increased.

Journalists and reporters are always looking for “purple cows” to interview as subject matter experts, to quote in press releases or to give an opinion for an article they are writing.

How will they know that you exist? If you have published articles and press releases in your news or media room with keywords that pertain to your industry, your information will come up when they search online.

Again, media begets more media …

What the Media Says About Authority Marketing – POSITIONING:

The Four Most Trusted People in the World

Why Are They Seen as Authorities?

They are positioned as experts on very specific topics within their industries.

They are loved and praised by the media

Like it or not, our society has been conditioned to see the media as a credible source of information

Consumers … your prospects

  • Place their trust in the media
  • Are influenced by media recommendations
  • Give authority to those endorsed and seen in the media

If you are in a crowded industry, you need to stand out among all the brown cows … in this case, all the other attorneys, real estate agents, coaches, speakers, thought leaders, chiropractors and financial industry professionals, etc.
Get the “Unfair Advantage” — Growth Through Leveraging The Media