About “Leading the Way” Book Projects:

“Leading The Way” book projects are unique collaborative books where we partner with a group of professionals, executives or organizations, and create a multi-author interview book that highlights the expertise and authority the participants have in their perspective industries. The book project is structured around highlighting a determined non-profit and donating 100 percent of the retail royalties of the book to that charity.
The contributing professionals benefit in many ways outside of the retail royalties, such as receiving major media coverage, recognition as a community partner, exposure and marketing from the other contributing authors, etc. More details are listed below.

We are committed to bringing exposure to 25 non-profits each year through our collaborative community projects. Join us …

Spearhead a Collaborative Book Project

What if we told you …

  • You could be a part of an Amazon Kindle book …
  • … that would become a best seller?
  • … in which you wouldn’t need to write a single word?
  • You don’t need “knock-it-out-of-the-park” book sales to reap the immense benefits of being a contributing author.
  • A portion of the project could be a tax write off.
  • It would only take about 45 – 60 minutes of your time?


Each of our book projects are focused on an industry topic with individual subtopics comprising the chapters, and 7 – 20 contributing authors have an individual book chapter in which to share their insights.

Industry: Divorce

Book Topic/Focus: The Team You Need to Help With a Divorce

Book Title: Collaborative Divorce

Book Subtitle: How To Avoid Court Involvement, Protect Your Children and Save Money — Insights from Top Professionals Dealing With Divorce

Contributing Authors (7 – 20 total): divorce attorneys, collaborative law attorneys, divorce mediators, divorce coaches, psychotherapists, child psychologists, etc.

Chapter Topics (5 – 10 total):co-parenting, blended families, emotional adjustment of children during a divorce, child custody, parenting plans, etc. Each professional decides a topic they want to discuss.

Please Note: For these projects, we don’t work with everyone; you must meet certain criteria to be a part of any project we produce. We want to make sure that your business is at a point where it makes sense to pursue Authority Marketing, to be able to elicit the most value from our services and projects.

All of our “Leading The Way” book projects also serve to raise awareness for an industry-related 501(c) 3 non-profit. One hundred percent of the retail royalties will be donated to the non-profit. This eliminates having to distribute royalties among contributors, and sets everyone up for potential media coverage for the community partnership and goodwill for helping a charity.

In addition to being part of our mutual altruistic endeavor, there are several professional benefits you will gain from this experience.


The following will comprise the value derived from our book projects:

  • A syndicated radio show interview, along with the file handed over to you to promote as you please.
  • A streaming audio player for your website visitors to listen to your podcast segment.
  • Your own chapter in an Amazon best-selling book.
  • A 3D book cover image to feature the book on your website.
  • An Amazon best-seller badge for your website.
  • Being featured in major media outlets via an individual author press release.
  • A media banner which reads “As featured in: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News” provided for your website.
  • Social media and email messaging copy: We’ll give you our proven library of social media and email swipe files (messages) to maximize your authority building power for each step of the process.

Professional Benefits

  • It opens doors to possible future media, podcast and/or speaking engagements.
  • It creates a “tipping point” that helps your business stand out from your crowded and competitive industry marketplace.
  • It attracts more quality pre-qualified clientele.
  • You gain instant credibility when someone lands on your website.
  • Enjoy larger retainers as a result of authority positioning.
  • You gain enhanced visibility both online and offline, as well as free exposure through the other book contributors’ and non-profits’ promotional efforts.
  • Non-profit partnership increases credibility and trust with prospects: