Positioning Is The New Marketing


What is authority positioning?  In the simplest terms…. You become known as an expert in your field.  The process includes publishing, partnerships, publicity & philanthropy. This strategy helps your brand or business become more profitable.

Would you like to build a powerful personal brand that will differentiate you and allow you to compete in the global marketplace?

Authority positioning can help entrepreneurs, and professionals gain greater results faster for the investment of time, energy and money you put into your business.

We take a completely different approach to marketing.

Authority positioning helps to create a spark, a nudge, intrigue; something that helps your business gain traction and ignite a snowball effect of attracting prospects.

We help you create a national digital footprint that enhances your local reputation and makes convert more customers and clients easier.

Our strategies elevate your brand so prospects unequivocally know that you are the go-to person for results and it eliminates the need to compete.

We’ll show you how to stop tiring yourself out by attending networking meetings, making introductions and getting minimal to mediocre results.

What Is Positioning?

Positioning is the process of helping you become a recognized expert in a niche within your industry and leveraging that notoriety across platforms.  Authority positioning uses third-party trusted media to expand a brand.  This approach to marketing eliminates having to compete with others, especially in a commodity industry.

Unlike traditional marketing which relies on pushing a client’s message out, authority positioning pulls in or draws prospects to a message that resonates with them or with what they need.

You Can Stop Hunting for Clients……Prospects seek you out


Positioning is the key to gaining greater credibility. Through media appearances, published books, and effective social media campaigns, our clients become established experts and authorities in their industries. This method differentiates a professional from their competition not only through expert positioning, but also through the content that you provide which will show that you are an educator and advocate for the success of your prospects. Authority positioning campaigns use content, the media and the community to build commerce.

We help our clients define a direct marketing message to your ideal prospects.


  • Having to compete
  • You having to hunt for customers
  • Prospects questioning your advice
  • Reducing your fees
  • Attracting non ideal customers
  • Not feeling confident
  • Prospect choosing someone else
  • Not being selected for a speaking gig
  • Seeming small
  • Prospects not trusting you
  • Being the “best kept secret


  • Differentiates you from your competition
  • Attracts Customers to you
  • Establishes you as an expert
  • Allows you to increase your fees
  • Intrigues ideal customers to learn more about you
  • Greater Confidence
  • Creates the tipping point for prospects to choose you
  • Helps you get chosen for more and larger Speaking Gigs
  • A level playing field for you
  • Enhances your credibility
  • Celebrity like status